Gamma Capital Markets, a leading Malta-based Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), offers a comprehensive suite of financial solutions. We specialize in expert Fund Management Company (ManCo) services, Asset Management and Wealth Management services. Our experienced team tailors solutions to meet your specific needs.


At Gamma Capital Markets, we aim to unlock your financial potential through a combination of data analysis, innovative investment strategies, and a deep commitment to client service. Our success hinges on a data-driven approach, allowing us to navigate market complexities and make informed investment decisions for our clients. We prioritize transparency and open communication, fostering trust and long-term partnerships.

Our Values

Building on our mission, our core values at Gamma Capital Markets reflect the principles that guide our decisions and actions. We embrace data-driven decision-making, leveraging analytics to navigate complex markets and identify optimal investment opportunities. We prioritize innovation, constantly seeking new and effective strategies to deliver superior returns. Most importantly, we cultivate a culture of transparency and open communication, fostering long-term trust and collaboration with our valued clients.

Keys to Success

At Gamma Capital Markets, the key to our success lies in the powerful synergy between analytics, innovative thinking, and unwavering client focus.

Gamma Capital Markets proudly holds membership in both Finance Malta and the Malta Asset Servicing Association.

Experience: Data-Driven Decisions

Gamma Capital Markets boasts a team of seasoned professionals with a proven track record of success. We leverage our extensive experience to navigate market challenges and deliver exceptional investment results for our clients.

Expertise: A Proven Track Record

At Gamma Capital Markets, we leverage analytics to navigate market complexities. Our data-driven approach ensures informed investment decisions, maximizing your potential for achieving your financial goals.

Client-Centric Approach: Partnering for Your Success

Gamma Capital Markets fosters a client-centric approach. We tailor investment strategies and utilize transparent communication to build long-term partnerships built on trust. Your success is our shared goal.

Transparency: Building Trust, Together
At Gamma Capital Markets, open communication is paramount. We believe transparency fosters trust and empowers informed decision-making.

Performance: Innovation Meets Results
Gamma Capital Markets blends innovative investment strategies with rigorous risk management. This powerful combination allows us to deliver exceptional returns for our clients, consistently exceeding expectations.

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