RTS 28 Reporting

RTS 28 Reporting is a regulation stemming from the European Union’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). It mandates investment firms within the EU to report on the quality of execution they achieve for client orders across various trading venues. This transparency measure allows investors to gain a clearer understanding of how well their orders are being fulfilled.

MiFID II firms authorized to execute client orders are subject to RTS 28 Reporting. These reports are typically submitted annually and reports detail the top five execution venues, based on trading volume, where client orders were executed for each asset class.

RTS 28 Reporting benefits investors by fostering transparency in trade execution. By disclosing top venues, brokers, and execution quality metrics, investors gain valuable insight into how their orders are handled. This knowledge empowers them to make informed investment decisions and potentially benefit from increased competition among investment firms striving to offer the best execution quality.

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